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Commenting article: Salt Lake City Family Raises Money to Adopt Sick Child from Bulgaria

By Devon Dolan

KSL-TV, NBC-affiliated television station in Salt Lake City, Utah


MysteryHP - 4 Jan 2013 // 11:17:03

I hope to god that this family in Salt Lake city are not cultists, and we are now sending our kids into cult environment. Salt Lake city is the base for the Mormon cult (those crazy guys from america running around in Sofia with white shirts and black name tags). Be ever vigilant!!! Cults are everywhere in BG. I really hope this child is not in this situation, but from the city reported, i really fear he is in danger.

Jerry - 5 Jan 2013 // 20:53:28

The Child within the protection of the Christian Spirit of Love thy Neighbor" does not make the Salt Lake City a "Cultist" but a member of the Human race that has compassion.

Our Orthodox Church must teach our Flock what is behind the "TRUTH" that LEADS TO THE LIGHT!

A "Cultist is basically a person run by his INTELLECT and not the BASICS of pure COMPASSION.

MysteryHP - 6 Jan 2013 // 02:26:18

Oh darn! Just what i feared,,,the sects have got hold of this poor child. May he grow to find stregth and wisdom to escape the cult when he gets older. What is our government doing to protect our children from these cultists?