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Commenting article: Bulgarian Govt to Buy Third-Hand Fighter Jets from Portugal - Report

Bulgaria's much anticipated fighter jets purchase will likely come to a disappointing end as the Bulgarian Defense Ministry has decided to buy expensive third-hand F-16s from Portugal, according to the Bulgarian press.

Bulgaria's government is thus expected to pay BGN 700 M for nine F-16s Block 15 to Portugal even though in 1999 Portugal paid twice less – BGN 268 M – to the US government for 25 second-hand F-16 planes, the Bulgarian daily Sega reported Thursday.

The Bulgarian Air Force is thus expected to get "third-hand" planes for a much higher price, the daily concludes, noting that the board numbers of the second-hand Portuguese F-16s were published at, and the 9 planes destined for Bulgaria are from among the 25 planes that Portugal bought from the USA 13 years ago.

dulo - 3 Jan 2013 // 19:29:46

that's what i call a waste of money. the cost of maintaining the planes will be incredible. not smart at all....