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Commenting article: Notorious Bulgarian Lobbyist Cleared of Perjury

Bulgaria's Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS) has conclusively upheld the acquittal of notorious businessman and alleged court lobbyist Krasimir Georgiev, aka Krasio the Black, on perjury charges.

The trial at VKS was opened on the demand of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office to return the case for retrial over breaches of material and procedural provisions.

In end-February, the Sofia Regional Court handed Georgiev a 2-year suspended sentence for perjury over testifying that he did not know any magistrates despite evidence to the contrary.

Philippe - 26 Dec 2012 // 19:16:01

Another Christmas aquittal! I wonder how long the Bulgarian people will continue to swallow all this. The country where the "AKA's" enjoy the highest protection, is doomed to remain last in everything... except in crime...