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Commenting article: Bulgarian PM: 'Party, State' Bent on Building Churches

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov has given a pre-Christmas interview in which he stressed his cabinet's commitment to building and reconstructing Christian devotional sites.

"It is in the present program of our party and government to build churches and monasteries," said Borisov in an interview for Nova TV Sunday.

According to Borisov, currently the state has invested BGN 50 M into the reconstruction of some 150-160 churches and monasteries.

MysteryHP - 24 Dec 2012 // 02:28:42

Come on Boiko,,,we need hospitals and schools,,leave funding these religious zealots to find funding from their members. We are already overrun by cults (you know the ones, mormons, jw's, etc), so keep the state out of religion. Let's stay secular and realistic.