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Commenting article: Bulgaria's 2013 Hotch-Potch

Now, prior to Elections 2013, it is all about whether the former Sofia mayor will become a former prime minister as well.

After Elections 2013 however frustrated Bulgarians are highly likely to witness the desperate and unsuccessful attempts of the elected parties to form a government.

It is still early days to predict the share-out of MP seats in Bulgaria's next parliament, but it is easy to see signs of the way ahead.

BULERICAN - 23 Dec 2012 // 07:47:33

The term is Hodge-Podge.
No such animal in the English language as Hotch-Potch.
Have a great day !

Chushki - 23 Dec 2012 // 08:18:40

Milena is clearly excited that her paymasters the commies, the turks and the witch may soon be back in power. I wonder what her excuse will be when these incompetent, corrupt idiots screw things up yet again?

sa-sha - 23 Dec 2012 // 13:28:57

Not mine, but... "Definition of hotch(-)potch---noun---British:

variant of hodgepodge".