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Commenting article: Bulgaria Pledges Full Support to Syrian Opposition Forces

Bulgaria's Deputy Foreign Minister Ivan Naydenov has declared his country's readiness to back the National Council of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.

Naydenov has expressed Bulgaria's readiness to support the National Council's efforts to develop "a clear vision for the future of Syria as a democratic secular state that guarantees the rights of all its citizens."

"A continuation of the agony by the regime would mean more civilian casualties and the suffering of the people of Syria and represents a real threat to stability in the Middle East as well as to the entire region of South Eastern Europe," the Deputy Foreign Minister says in a statement.

sa-sha - 13 Dec 2012 // 13:23:04

...i.e. Full Support to "recognized"- by USA(World Terrorist №1) &Co-
"oppositionists"/"rebels"/ thugs who kill civilians in Syria right now:
new crime took place today in Katana , near Damaskus, at least 16 people, including women and children, killed..........
To support killers, to recognize the name of democracy in Syria, sure. And this damned bloody "democracy" will win, I have no
doubt, as it happened already in, say, Irak, Libya, Egypt...
"Full Support", how nice. Well, USA has its cannibal agenda/goals, but You, Mr.Naidenov, with Your "clear vision for the future of Syria "!?
What a hell "democratic secular state", what a hell "guarantees" and "rights of all citizens"??? Straight after Assad' fall we'll see: bloody mass slaughter, chaos, extermination of christians and shia, crowds of refugees, starving, hopeless despair....though Syrians will have, sure, the "guaranteed right" to see/participate in all this mess. Triumph of Democracy at the door, in brief. Stay tuned.Toast.