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Commenting article: Sofia Declared Bulgaria's Greenest City with 200 000-plus Inhabitants

Sofia was declared the greenest city in Bulgaria at a special ceremony on Wednesday.

Bulgaria's capital won the award in the category of cities with over 200 000 inhabitants with 10 kilograms of CO2 emissions savings per capita, according to reports of Darik radio.

President Rosen Plevneliev handed the award to Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, stressing the cleanliness and the abundance of flowers in the city despite the intense ongoing construction works.

MysteryHP - 13 Dec 2012 // 08:42:06

Hhaahahhahaha,,this is crazy. How can Buglaria award an award to itself? Absolutly nuts! And to say Sofia is a "green city"? Give me a break. Look at all the cars on the road from over 30 years old, and the exhaust that comes out of them. With our famous corruption, anything passes the technik inspection. And we breathe in the fumes from all these crap cars. Green city, I would call it smog city.

mattbg - 13 Dec 2012 // 10:11:44

like arguing about who is the tallest dwarf

Chushki - 13 Dec 2012 // 13:38:58

This is excellent news and just reflects the fact that Bulgaria leads the world when it comes to waste recycling, public transportation, wind farms, solar energy and a host of other innovative environmental initiatives. Bravo!