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Commenting article: Bulgarian Youth Increasingly Illiterate, Overweight

The knowledge of Bulgarian students begins to collapse in elementary school, not in middle school as it was earlier, according to recent research.

In addition to being largely-illiterate, the youngsters have unhealthy eating habits, are physically inactive and more and more of them are overweight.

According to a PIRLS study on reading literacy for 2011, cited by the Bulgarian Sega (Now) daily, since 2006, Bulgarian children fell 12 spots in the ranking – from the 10th to the 22nd position (out of 49 countries in the region) and are no longer among the world's elite in literacy.

madoods - 13 Dec 2012 // 09:27:49

Too many holidays maybe

Thenonymous - 13 Dec 2012 // 13:50:14

Too much TV and not enough exercise.

Jerry - 13 Dec 2012 // 15:35:10

Play a little more Soccer and less "Hooligans" and beat obesity and all illnesses that follow. For example diabetes, heart disease and its ancillary diseases.