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Commenting article: Top Cop Denies US Pressured Bulgaria on Burgas Terror Act

The ruling center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB, will run solo at the 2013 general election, according to Interior Minister, Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

Speaking for Nova TV Saturday, Tsvetanov, who is also the Vice Chairman of the party and Deputy Prime Minister, said the lists of candidates will be known around Easter.

He further stated that if the need to have a coalition Cabinet emerges after the outcome of the election becomes known, GERB will seek as allies other parties in Bulgaria that are also members of the European People's Party, EPP. He designated the right-wing Union of Democratic Forces, UDF, as a likely coalition partner.

Philippe - 9 Dec 2012 // 03:44:40

It seems to me that Mr. Tsvetanov, his boss and the Varna seals won the first price: a ticket from the Mossad. After 18 days diplomatic torture by the US, the UK and the EU , they know that they are in very big problems.

I wonder what ultimatum they have and what steps they will take. Tackle their friends and open Pandora's box?

In the meanwhile a good advice: Imodium!