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Commenting article: Drunken Bulgarian Doctor Exonerated in Patient's Death

The cancer patient in Bulgaria's Black Sea city of Varna, who was visited by a drunken emergency room doctor, has passed away from a heart attack.

The news was reported Saturday by the Bulgarian Standard daily, citing the findings in the autopsy report of Varna coroners.

Doctor Luybomir Rizov, 53, was arrested Friday on suspicions he administered two wrong shots under the influence of alcohol, causing the death of the patient.

peterperfect - 10 Dec 2012 // 11:04:06

Whether he was to blame or not he IS guilty of being drunk on duty and that should be a crime. In the company I used to work for in the UK ANYBODY, whatever their job, was deemed to be incapable of doing that job efficiently if under the influence of alcohol and would be sent home. My job did not involve peoples lives and health.