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Commenting article: Kostov: Bulgaria's Ruling GERB Is Right-Wing Impostor

The rule of Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, is not a right-wing rule, but a fake, according to the leader of the right-wing Democrats for Strong Bulgaria party, DSB, Ivan Kostov.

Speaking for Nova TV Saturday, Kostov blasted once again the policies of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB, which defines itself as center-right, and like DSB is a member of the European People's Party, EPP.

The politician, who is also a former PM, gave as an example Borisov's praise of Communist dictator, Todor Zhivkov, in saying on several occasions that he would be happy to do for Bulgaria even part of what Zhivkov has done.

Chushki - 8 Dec 2012 // 19:18:07

Does anyone actually care what this ciganin thief kostov has to say?