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Commenting article: Bulgarian Scientists Rally against Corrupt Funding Practices

People have the right to stage protest rallies, but all accusations must be proven in a Court of Law, according to Bulgaria's Education Minister, Sergey Ignatov.

Hundreds of Bulgarian scientists and researchers are staging a protest rally Wednesday in front of the Education Ministry in outrage of what they say are Ignatov's attempts to cover-up the scandal at the country's Scientific Research Fund.

They further demand the annulment of the results of the 2012 bid for financing of scientific projects.

Richie - 5 Dec 2012 // 12:55:29

It is definitely not a media campaign: I have good connections with Bulgarian scientists and they are genuinely angry at the fact that proposals of people associated with Gyurov and the NBU have been much more successful than those of Sofia University or BAS. It is quite unlikely to be a coincidence, so Ignatov needs to come with some explanation. The whole procedure has been lacking transparency.