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Commenting article: FT: Bulgaria On the Winding Road to Stability

Financial Times

By Neil Buckley

Compare what is happening in Bulgaria with the state of affairs in countries around it – economic crisis in Greece, surging unemployment in parts of former Yugoslavia, political troubles in Romania – and one phrase recurs: "We are", says the country's president, Rosen Plevneliev, "an absolute island of stability".

peterperfect - 5 Dec 2012 // 08:39:13

The PM and Bulgarians have much to be proud of and should enjoy it while it lasts, beware, however, when things are looking rosy all around, life has a habit of suddenly kicking you behind the knees. Don't become so complacent that you cannot see any coming problems. Remember the 2008 bank crisis in the west, everything was going so well when, suddenly, "wham" and everyone is still trying to recover from that one.