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Commenting article: Mount Orpheus, Secret Caves and Surprisingly Good Wine in Chic Bulgaria

By Andrew Pierce

The Daily Mail

The tiny hamlet of Gella perched high in the Rhodope mountain range in Bulgaria might sound an unlikely choice for a holiday.

peterperfect - 29 Nov 2012 // 15:35:43

Yet another so called tourist article that is actually an advert for Villa Gella. We are foisted these about twice per year.

Chushki - 29 Nov 2012 // 19:06:40

Peter is correct - I wonder what the link is between the ownership of villa gella and the ownership of novinite...... Hmmmmmm

keithbrook - 30 Nov 2012 // 00:03:22

To add to these posts, isn't it a little arrogant to say 'surprisingly' good wines?

I suppose they're experts themselves, but not very well travelled.

Oh dear.