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Commenting article: Bulgaria's New Patriarch To Be Elected Febr 24 2013

Bulgaria's new patriarch, to succeed the late Patriarch Maxim, will be elected on February 24, 2013, the Holy Synod of the country's Orthodox Church decided at a meeting on Tuesday.

A rift among the Bishops shook the Holy Synod after Bulgaria's Patriarch Maxim, who led the Church since 1971, passed away on November 6 at the age of 98.

The election of a new Patriarch must be organized not later than six months after Maxim's death, thus the deadline is March 6, 2013.

Jerry - 28 Nov 2012 // 02:10:14

The Holy Synod better watch themselves and not become the Pharises of our time.

Judgement must be followed through truth and intution that leads to ones spiritual development.