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Commenting article: Bulgaria Controversial Politician, Shady Businessman Team Up

The scandalous leader of a Bulgarian conservative party has pooled efforts with a controversial businessman, founder and owner of a large low-cost drug store chain to make a new foray together onto the large political scene next year.

The new coalition between Yane Yanev's party "Order, Law and Justice party" (RZS) and Vesselin Mareshki will be officially presented in the short term, the businessman said in an interview for Darik radio.

The coalition will be named "For Order, Law and Justice with Mareshki", apparently putting an emphasis on the businessman's role.

Mat - 28 Nov 2012 // 11:51:00

I don't see what the problem is - being a dodgy businessman is mandatory for a successful political career here. Just look at our prime minister

Sveto - 28 Nov 2012 // 20:05:06

Mat dude, you should really unplug your nose from your own butt and start smelling the world before talking crafty nonsense. Lately I can't seem to find a single rational post of yours!