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Commenting article: Plovdiv Magistrates Outraged by Unfair Job Assessment

Sixty four magistrates from the Plovdiv Regional Court have sent an unprecedented letter to the Supreme Judicial Council, VSS, in connection with recent media publications about their work.

The judges oppose in outrage media claims that the Plovdiv Court has the strongest concentration of violations of human rights of freedom and due process, leading to the majority of cases against Bulgaria to be filed with the Strasbourg Human Rights Court due to the Plovdiv Court rules.

They further reject statements about them working in a feudal environment or in military barracks, stressing the insults stem from the procedure for the election of the country's new Chief Prosecutor.

Chushki - 26 Nov 2012 // 15:54:27

Its a strange fact that the news site has never printed any story about the judiciary in Plovdiv. Indeed Sotir Tsatsarov has never been mentioned. Coincidence or something else?