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Commenting article: Antonio Banderas to Film Automata in Bulgaria

Spanish-born Hollywood megastar, Antonio Banderas, has announced at a special press conference that he will shoot his latest movie Automata in Bulgaria.

Banderas further confirmed Automat will be a sci-fi motion picture.

Gabe Ibanez will direct Banderas as Jacq Vaucan, an insurance agent of ROC Robotics Corporation, who is out to investigate robot manipulation. During the course of his investigation he will realize that mankind has degenerated and that, somehow, the Robots are now carriers of the values that once were at the core of humanity.

sa-sha - 26 Nov 2012 // 18:56:32

"Spanish-born Holliwood MEGASTAR, Antonio Banderas...", "Automat will be a SCY-FI [ science fiction+Banderas, isn't that nice?] motion picture", "The cast includes other HUGE names such as Lady Gaga [!!!]..."------and the ONLY ONE (as well Spanish born, but-alas-not a "Hollywood megastar", not "a sci-fi" maker, not one of those "huge names such as Lady Gaga") MODEST PERSON known as Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is happy in his grave, I think..... for not being a witness to our splendid times, to our "HUGE", блядь, heroes.