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Commenting article: Middle East Peace Prayer Held in Sofia Synagogue

A prayer for peace in the Middle East was held in the synagogue in Bulgaria's capital Sofia, the third largest synagogue in Europe.

Two prayers were said – one for Israel and one for the soldiers, local news agencies inform.

A tribute was also paid for the six Israeli nationals that were killed during the Gaza conflict over the past week.

Ekmel - 24 Nov 2012 // 12:24:28

A point that drew my attention. "the third largest synagogue in Europe". I am curious who declared the one in Sofia as the third largest in Europe. I think the largest is Budapest, followed by Brussels and Strasbourg and Edirne as far as I know. I haven't been to the one in Sofia but it was communicated as small. Could you please share your references on how you identified the synagogue in Sofia as the third largest in Europe? Maybe in the Balkans, but Europe? I am confused...

georgimore - 24 Nov 2012 // 16:52:44

Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.

Jerry - 24 Nov 2012 // 17:22:07

It seems the Bulgarian Orthodox Community and the Moslem Community should of joined together in prayer for peace and brotherhood.

What happened to the old Bulgarian tradition in UNITY.

Are we seeing a change in Bulgaria and the removal of what our parents and grandparents taught us in Bulgaria.