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Commenting article: Turkey May Still Build N-Plant on Bulgarian Border

Turkey is yet to give up on a project to construct a nuclear power plant just several kilometers away from its border with Bulgaria, a Turkish official has suggested.

"That has not been decided yet, the question is still discussed," Turkey's Deputy Energy Minister Hasan Murat Mercan has said, referring to the project.

"As you know, this is not a political decision but a rather technical one and it will be taken based on the research done by geology and seismology experts," he explained, as cited by the Bulgarian National Radio.

Yane - 23 Nov 2012 // 21:19:17

Send in the MIGs and missiles, blow it up before it becomes operational if they decide on building it, because it will pose an existential threat to Bulgaria.

The location is a hostile act towards Bulgaria! Turkey's disrespect must NOT be tolerated!