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Commenting article: Macedonia Expects Support from Greece, Bulgaria for EU Talks

Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has said he expects support from Greece and Bulgaria for the decision for the start of Macedonia's EU accession talks.

"I expect that Greece, being the oldest EU Member State in our region, as well as a confirmed friend of enlargement, will back the decision on starting Macedonia's EU accession talks in December, thereby providing a decisive political contribution to the the revitalization of the European integration perspective of the the entire Balkan region. Macedonian nationals expect the same from Bulgaria," he stated, as cited by the Bulgarian telegraph agency (BTA) and

"Our desire is to walk the path to EU membership together with Greece. With a great deal of determination we initiated a number of concrete steps to extend bilateral cooperation and mutual trust," Gruevski noted.

Al - 23 Nov 2012 // 02:18:39

As Gruevski reasoned: "Civil society and the media on both sides must play an important role in encouraging mutual understanding and respect.".

Sure, you are Bulgarians and just need to come back home.