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Commenting article: Bulgarian Parliament Finally Cancels Controversial Judge Appointment

After a debate that divided even MPs from ruling GERB party, the Bulgarian Parliament has voted to cancel its decision to appoint tainted judge Veneta Markovska a member of the Constitutional Court.

Thursday Parliament convened to discuss adopting procedural rules for an appointment of a new judge to replace Markovska, but MPs were divided as to whether they are oblidged to formally cancel their appointment first.

While Parliament Speaker Tsetska Tsacheva (GERB) argued that the house must cancel its prior decision, Legal Affairs Committee chair Iskra Fidosova (also GERB) argued that it does not need to do so.

peterperfect - 23 Nov 2012 // 10:28:34

An ignominious end that could have been so different had she acted professionally and honourably over this matter.

Seedy - 23 Nov 2012 // 12:29:38


If that had ever been likely to happen then she probably would have been the right candidate for the position.... ;)

peterperfect - 24 Nov 2012 // 11:39:11

Quite agree.