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Commenting article: NATO SG: Bulgaria's Accession to NATO Strengthened Its Own Security

Bulgaria's accession to NATO helped strengthen its own security, according to the statement of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on the occasion of the 10th anniversary from the Prague Summit.

At the Prague Summit held on November 21-22, 2002, NATO Heads of State and Government invited seven countries - Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia - to begin accession talks to join the Alliance.

Rasmussen's statement reminds that the seven-strong group of countries formed the single largest group ever to to join the alliance.

sa-sha - 21 Nov 2012 // 16:10:29

My vocal cords overstrained. It's a life.

Yane - 22 Nov 2012 // 02:10:07

he means if we wouldn't have joined, NATO would have bombed us to free the "oppressed Turks" or some other lunatic scheme to overthrow anyone that oppose western hegemony.

sa-sha - 22 Nov 2012 // 11:59:43

Yeah, the problem is that the more " NATO Strengthens Its Own Security", the more danger for the global peace and stability it[NATO]