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Commenting article: Bulgarian NGO Rises Against Sexist Liquor Ads

A human rights NGO, the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, has filed a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the sexist advertising of a local alcoholic beverage.

The complaint is against Bulgarian drinks producer Vinprom Peshtera that has been advertising its product Mastika Peshtera using commercials deemed sexist by consumers.

Mastika is a local strong anise-flavoured drink.

Seedy - 19 Nov 2012 // 21:30:47

Get a life, you PC idiots!

Chushki - 20 Nov 2012 // 08:05:04

No wonder Seedy is all upset over these adverts - if on the other hand they used naked men to commercialize their products then no doubt Seedy and his boyfriend would be squealing with delight.