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Commenting article: Gaza Hospitals Suffer Shortages in Conflict with Israel

Hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed with casualties and short on supplies, the World Health Organization reports on the fifth day of the Israel – Hamas conflict.

The UN called on people to donate USD 10 M to secure medical supplies for the next three weeks.

The WHO further says that 382 have been injured in the rocket strikes – 245 adults and 137 children. Many are listed in hospitals with burns and wounds.

Jerry - 18 Nov 2012 // 14:21:58

Typical Palestinian who shot themselves in the foot with their own gun.

You start a war and try to finish a War without infrastructure of Hospitals and Field Health Equipment.

Now they request the WHO - United Nations to assist in their War that only affects civilians, which include children and women.

Where is the moral and confidence in Allah and Man?

Maybe Final Judgement can answer this with a conclusion!