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Commenting article: Commissioner Oettinger: South Stream Is 'Interesting'

The European Commission will have a "constructive attitude" towards Russia-sponsored South Stream gas pipeline project, stated EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger.

"When the pipeline reaches the territory of the EU, it will have to comply with EU energy regulations," said Oettinger in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio Thursday.

Thursday Bulgaria and Russia signed an investment agreement on Bulgaria's participation in the project.

Jerry - 15 Nov 2012 // 19:29:16

It would be very nice if the European Commissioner and the South Stream Project defines the environmental issues that must be addressed, especially in Bulgaria.

It would be nice to know the effects on renewable energy and its efficiencies that leads to an environmental sustainable project.

Think how garbage and organic materials littering the soil of Bulgaria and now, South Stream sounds like one big hurricane that will blow all our gases away.

Jerry - 18 Nov 2012 // 14:28:21

Hey Commissioner Oettinger!

Remember Bulgarian Ground Water flows upward to your sinks and kitchens in Europe that contain Bulgarian Organic Soil Waste that can become usable as GAS.

Now let us define what is sustainable and what is European ignorance without love causing CLIMATE CHANGES that one day will grow coconuts in Paris.i