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Commenting article: Bulgaria Marks Tobacco Free Day amidst Smoking Ban Polemic

On November 15th, the third Thursday in November, many countries, including Bulgaria, mark the International Smoke Free Day (Great American Smokeout).

It was established by the American Cancer Society in 1977. This year is its 35th Anniversary.

The Health Ministry is calling on Bulgarians to give up smoking, preferably for good, but if not – just for one day.

Richie - 15 Nov 2012 // 10:50:25

Cigarettes cause about one death per million smoked.

A 12m (40ft) container... houses 10 million cigarettes, which means that each container will cause about 10 deaths.

Cigarette makers make about a penny in profit for every cigarette sold, which means that the value of a life to a cigarette maker is about $10,000.

Robert N Proctor: The history of the discovery of the cigarette