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Commenting article: Integrated Brand of Bulgaria as Tourist Destination Due in February 2013

The creation of an integrated brand of Bulgaria as a tourist destination is to be wrapped up by February 2013, according to Deputy Minister of Economy, Energy, and Tourism Ivo Marinov.

Speaking Monday at a round table in the northern city of Veliko Tarnovo, he explained that a test regional brand would be created by February 2013, which would subsequently be used for the development of all other brands in the country.

Marinov made clear that the development of the new "Bulgaria" brand was aimed at presenting Bulgaria as an attractive and affordable year-round tourist destination.

Al - 12 Nov 2012 // 16:13:34

An integrated brand of Bulgaria as tourist destination?

Let me think...

You'll also need a logo and a slogan...

What about 4 B's standing for "Beach, Beer, Boobs and Boyko"?

Yes, that'll do!