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Commenting article: Putin Invites Bulgarian PM for South Stream Groundbreaking

Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, has received an invitation from Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the South Stream gas pipeline.

The event is scheduled for December 7 in the Russian town of Anapa, on the Black Sea west coast, where the line will begin, the Bulgarian Standard daily writes Monday.

The invitation is also addressed to Economy and Energy Minister, Delyan Dobrev, and the Head of the Bulgarian Energy Holding, BEH, Mihail Andonov. It is expected that Putin will try to bring together the top officials from all countries participating in the project.

peterperfect - 12 Nov 2012 // 10:58:18

How convenient for that wimp Putin. Having reneged on a meeting in Bulgaria because he knew he would have a rough ride over Belene he now comes up with an invitaion - very plausable I admit, that Borisov will find hard to decline, that means the two will meet, for the first time since the fracas, on Putin's home soil. If I were Borisov I would accept and then have my aids say that no such meeting had been accepted or planned!!!