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Commenting article: BBC Director General Resigns amid Newsnight Scandal

The BBC's director general, George Entwistle, has resigned in the aftermath of a Newsnight broadcast implicating leading 1980s Tory politician. Lord McAlpine in child abuse.

Entwistle has said that as the man "ultimately responsible for all content, and in the light of the unacceptable journalistic standards" he would quit.

He has admitted Newsnight's report, which led to McAlpine being wrongly implicated, should not have been aired, BBC informs.

peterperfect - 12 Nov 2012 // 11:06:18

What is even more scandalous is that he is walking away with his £450,000 years salary!! I wish I had been in a job where I had to resign because I had made bad decisions and still get a years salary. Most people, when dismissed or leaving of their own decision, get nothing! why is this guy different? and he's only been in the job for 8 weeks! Most people get a 3 month probationary period whereby its 1 weeks notice either way.