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Commenting article: Bulgaria Revises Down Tourism Spending Data, Doubts Remain

A technical flop has been blamed for the unrealistically high tourism spending figures of Bulgarians last year, which the country provided to the EU statistical office.

This has emerged after the Bulgarian statistical office and Eurostat  jointly checked figures, according to which a Bulgarian national spent an average EUR 2100 on holiday trips and tourism in 2011.

According to the newly published data the sum totals EUR 779, still way ahead of neighboring Romanians (EUR 162).

peterperfect - 7 Nov 2012 // 09:54:05

Why am I not surprised? the former figure was obviously so far out it did not even warrant commenting on, 2100 Euro is several months average wage for Bulgarians!!! This figure is far nearer the mark at about 1500 lev.