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Commenting article: Benevolent Essex People Send Aid to Starving Bulgaria

By Essex Chronicle

More than GBP 50,000 worth of food, donated by the charitable people of Essex, set off on a 1,600-mile journey last week, to feed starving people in Eastern Europe.

The annual Harvest for the Hungry mission to Bulgaria collects food donations from residents around the county to help feed some of the poorest people in Europe.

sa-sha - 30 Oct 2012 // 11:57:40

Sincere respect to Essex People and sincere-sorry-shame on modern
Rulers of BG. Or "commies past" again? Well, then the expected exposing the names of the so-called credit millionaires of Bulgaria's communist-era will improve the situation drastically, sure...

Seedy - 30 Oct 2012 // 14:20:30

"Dai mi pari - dai mi manga!" ;)