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Commenting article: Maxim Behar: Sofia International Airport Must Be Named 'John Atanasoff' (Sofia News Agency) and are publishing an interview of the Bulgarian PR expert for the "Media on Air" talk show of the "Bulgaria on Air" TV.


How would you complete the sentence: Bulgaria is the country of...

Yane - 14 May 2012 // 20:19:56

I'd prefer an University to be named after him.

Philippe - 15 May 2012 // 01:11:20

M B, I have a lot of respect for what you've realized. But putting yourself in the big picture (see the pic) all the time is sick. It is called narcissism. A more modest attitude would suit you on the long term, and more, if you want your readers to respect you as a journalist, you should respect the deontological ethics.

Hairydave - 22 May 2012 // 01:58:55

Oh - I forgot to mention media plurality. Another problem.....