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Commenting article: Maxim Behar: Sofia International Airport Must Be Named 'John Atanasoff'

Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency) and Novinite.bg are publishing an interview of the Bulgarian PR expert for the "Media on Air" talk show of the "Bulgaria on Air" TV.


How would you complete the sentence: Bulgaria is the country of...

Yane - 14 May 2012 // 20:19:56

I'd prefer an University to be named after him.

Philippe - 15 May 2012 // 01:11:20

M B, I have a lot of respect for what you've realized. But putting yourself in the big picture (see the pic) all the time is sick. It is called narcissism. A more modest attitude would suit you on the long term, and more, if you want your readers to respect you as a journalist, you should respect the deontological ethics.

Maxim Behar - 16 May 2012 // 19:16:52

Hi, thank you for the respect, but I am not the one who makes the size of the pictures and it is not my job at all.

All interviews for my understanding have this size and most probablty it is a graphic designers decision.

Rather prefer to discuss the texts and points of views, then to look at the picture size, it does not sound professional at all.

But thanks also for stopping by and for the attention, anyway:)


MysteryHP - 17 May 2012 // 23:24:29

Hi Max, that is really cool you answer the comments. I really respect that. I think it is good idea to have dialoges with the editor :) I think you have done a great job with novinite.com, i read it every day. You are quite the personality! I do think though you should keep certain things in a seperate section away from the main stream news. It kind of clutters up the important stuff. I think you should be careful of this Passy guy, he seems to be off his rocker a bit. This is the guy running around trying to make internet a fundemental right in the EU. Just utter nonesense. Your idea to change the airport name is good one, but don't tarnish it with bringing in people that are not really very relevent anylonger in BG. Just my thoughts :)

Hairydave - 22 May 2012 // 01:44:55


You failed to tackle the elephant in the room (in fact there is more than one elephant, but there one elephant that looms large over everything)

The Big Elephant (a Mammoth?) Corruption - It's everywhere. Has Bulgaria made any progress with this since EU entry. Possibly - but not much. It is all very well offering attractive rates of taxation, but when backhanders and bribes are added in tot eh equation then the effective "tax" rate gets higher.

Legislation - Bulgaria is incredibly unfriendly to business (and to anyone that has to deal with governments). Reams of forms need to be filled in to get any thing done. everything is difficult and requires no end of signatures and stamps. If a government cannot or will not tackle corruption then they should at least work on bringing Bulgaria up the 'business friendliness' rankings. On a world scale Bulgaria tends to pop up in the top 3rd - ok - but on OECD countries Bulgaria sits near the bottom - and that's the economies Bg would want to compete with. I wonder how many days, on average, it takes to set up a business in Bg - I suspect the answer compares poorly to many other EU states.

Infrastructure and Utilities. They suck. The electricity supply, even in the capital city, is nowhere near as good and reliable as it should be. utilities have yet to develop any real sense of customer services (I exclude the mobile phone market in Bg which appears to be healthy, competitive and reasonably reliable). Roads - a joke. Trains - poor and so forth.

The rule of law - it's poor. Business investors want to be sure that legal disputes will be settled quickly and predictably (predictable meaning that the rule of law will be upheld - contractual obligations must be fulfilled and not annulled in a random fashion by a court) and the court system must move quicker than a glacier)

Hairydave - 22 May 2012 // 01:56:09

Political Stability - It's time politics grew up in Bulgaria - and this is a hard nut to crack. Currently we have a succession of parties that are merely vehicles for individual egos - from the current incumbents, to the old party of the 'Tsar' and new party for Meglena and so forth. This makes political life - and everything that flows from it - highly unpredictable. That's democracy for you though (The Bulgarians have a right to elect who they like, but sadly those they elect tend to be there to serve themselves and not the country).

Maxim - you also mention a highly skilled work force - I'd love to see you justify that claim.

Why bash on about renaming the airport - it doesn't matter. That's focussing on minutiae when there are massive issues that need addressing. Get ducks in a line - sort out the deep rooted problems first - then worry about the airports name (Free advice - it doesn't actually matter)

Lastly - NEVER EVER use your WWW advertising theme again - never. When you mention "Weather, Women and Wine" - you'll already have lost the tolerance of many women who won't be lingering to hear your explanation about women meaning everyone. No matter what you mean by it - it will be taken the wrong way.

Bulgaria is a lovely country. It does have much to offer. But it does have deep rooted underling problems which have never been addressed by repeated self serving government and until they are - it's lack of size advantage will mean it will remain an economic backwater falling far short of its potential.

Hairydave - 22 May 2012 // 01:58:55

Oh - I forgot to mention media plurality. Another problem.....