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Commenting article: No Ads Abroad Turn Sour Bulgaria’s Wine Success

The main problem [with Bulgarian wine] is a total lack of any real effort in promoting it abroad.

The French, Spanish, South African, American and Australian advertisers are ominsting, and the Bulgarians are relegated to a cheap bottom-shelf option, usually some generic Cabernet Sauvignon. It is an absolute pain, nigh on an impossibility, to find Meniks and Mavruds here in London.

I have to wait for the annual family visit to Blagoevgrad to stock up.

Al - 2 Dec 2011 // 16:33:44


You might be right about Bulgarian wine.

Now, listen carefully.

If marketed properly, Bulgarian rakia based on muscadelle grapes has got the potential to become a cult drink worldwide.


Its easy to create and associate a good history with rakia, the product is cheap to produce but can be sold at a premium price and, its something new with an exciting different taste experience for foreigners.

As the saying goes: "Once black, you never turn back.". I've got the same with rakia compared to even single malt whisky.

Best Regards,

Al, aka Choveka