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Commenting article: Old Town Sozopol - Bulgaria's 'Rescued' Miracle and Its Modern Day Saviors


On Bulgaria's Black Sea coast, in the farthest southern part of the Burgas Bay, some 35 km south of the city of Burgas, on a small rocky peninsula lays the top miracle of the Balkan country – the ancient town of Sozopol.

The town, with a population of about 5 000, is one of the oldest settlements on the Bulgarian coast. A one hundred-meter long strip of land connects it to the mainland.

bogomil - 14 Oct 2011 // 21:04:09

This is an excellent article from a journalist of high quality, and the most thorough of any I have read on this site for the previous 5 years..
One can easily share this feature with others of any nationality !!
Bravo, Ms Guineva..

Jacek Krzysztoforski - 20 Jul 2015 // 11:34:13

Very informative and makes a good read.