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Commenting article: Poems for Brazil: Dilma Rousseff's Father and Bulgaria's Greatest Poetess between Friendship and Love?*

*This is a reprint of the article published on January 17, 2011. The article is reprinted on the occasion of Dilma Rousseff's first ever visit to Bulgaria on October 5-6, 2011.


Brazilian - 11 Oct 2011 // 19:28:56

A beautiful tribute to my beautiful native country, which I miss as much Petar Rusev missed Bulgaria. If the English version sounds this pleasant, I can only imagine how lovely the original Bulgarian is.

Thank you.

Glaucia Wagner

Jerry - 13 Oct 2011 // 00:03:47

It seems that Dilma should study a little Brazilian History, especially during the Getulio Vargas Presidency of Brazil, a Bulgarian Communist would not walk the streets of Rio or Belo Horizonte.

A Communist would find himself fleeing Brazil for Argentina.

There are many unanswered questions concerning Dilma's father????