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Commenting article: Child Begging in Bulgaria's Capital - a Thing of the Past?

Do you give money to beggars? I don't. For some I feel totally no compassion because they simply need to start working and stop procreating at alarming ages and in alarming numbers. With others I just like to listen to the swear words and words of damnation trailing behind me. With still others, I feel paralyzed by fear and guilt regarding how I got to deserve what I have and they didn't.

If you follow other principles, however, you might be interested in recent statistics claiming that begging has turned into a hierarchically-structured business that can fetch up to BGN 3000 per month (compared to a minimum monthly salary of BGN 240 in the country).

"We have offered jobs that pay BGN 300-400 per month to such people, and they turn them down because they make that amount of money much faster," Sofia Deputy Mayor Albena Atanasova disclosed.

IHW - 24 Aug 2011 // 12:49:00

This is a frigging joke. If beggers made 3000 a month begging, I guarantee you everyone and their grandma would be on the street.

When you are faced with what to do with a lousy 400 leva salary at the end of the month, whether to eat or pay your bills, 3000 a month would sound like a pot of gold.

It's one thing to insult someone, but to go this far an post such nonsense on a pubic website that's visited by thousands of people, is just disturbing.

Another example of how statistics, reports, etc are 100% made up on the spot. No thinking was actually involved in estimating such a figure.

I am just baffled by the stupidity of the people who post this crap and call it official? How do they believe the crap they write? Just wow....speechless.