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Commenting article: Mavro Aloni - Greece's Batak

For most Bulgarians northern Greece equals the beautiful beaches of Chalkidiki and the mystery of Mount Athos' monasteries, but very few know about Mavro Aloni (Black Harvest) – a place still bearing the scars of the country's fight for independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Mavro Aloni is Greece's Batak.

In April 1876, Bulgarian freedom fighters rebelled against the authorities of the Ottoman Turkish Empire seeking to liberate their nation and create an independent nation state.

Dino the Athenian - 18 May 2011 // 18:31:59

Welcome to Greece Maria! Glad to have you here.

GrueFski - 12 Apr 2015 // 00:40:11

...on the expense of Bulgaria and Greece

GrueFsk - 7 Sep 2015 // 20:07:43

Syria houses the only Russia military base in the Mediterranean Sea are -- the result... Syria got destroyed and is getting destroyed
Bg, Greece and Cyprus and now Hungary (although much less than the former 3) were considered (still are?) Russia "Trojan horses" inside the EU: the result: Turkey published "by mistake" maps of "future" and desired Greater Turkey with Bg, Greek (and also Armenian and Georgian) territories depicted as Turkish. Until Erdogan managed to sour the relations with the Illuminati everything went well, they even held one of their meetings in Turkey in 2007.

For instance MEP from the Muslim, anti-constitutional "Bg" party MRF have been named best "Bg" MEP by the Nazis and their stooges (of different ethnicities and nationalities): Vladko Panayotov, if I'm not mistaken Filiz Hyusmenova too. The latter big time promote with ALDE European political party Denial of Batak massacre perpetrated by Turks on Bulgarians: done by the Nazi Ulf Brunnbauer and a janissary of the Germans and Turks, ethnic Bulgarian Martina Baleva. That had been going on before moronic Erdogan antagonized (pardon my... Greek!) the West. NWO instructions to put down Bulgaria, to glorify Turkey and the Turks and to help Turkey get bigger, territorywise, on the expense of Bulgaria. Americans on FYROM, in 1944 and in 2015: U.S. Secretary of State Edward Stettinius to U.S. Missions The Belgium foreign minister, just finished visiting FYROM recently, said he has some proposals to the FYROM-Greece name dispute, adding that there is a province called Holland within Belgium itself and that the Dutch have no problem with that. Even if that were true, it still has no relevance to FYROM-Greece relations and their name dispute. Even the Dutch are ok with Belgium's stealing their historical heritage, why should Greeks be just as stupid when it comes to their historical heritage being stolen by FYROM and FYROM's territorial claims on Greek territory. But the comparative "argument" of the Belgium guy is actually no argument: the Netherlands are not called Holland in their own language, their are called Nederland (Holland is only one of Netherlands'/Nederland's historical provinces), just like in English the official and recommended name for the Dutch country is The Netherlands, not Holland. In Dutch however the single name for their country is Nederland. It's true there are 2 Holland provinces, 1 in Belgium and the other one in the Netherlands but neither Belgium (Belgie in Dutch, Belgique in Frence), nor the Netherlands (Nederland in Dutch, Pays Bas -- Low Countries -- in French) are called Holland. It is entirely different from FYROM-Greece case. The Belgian guy is obviously aware of all these things, yet he still chose to play dumb, in order to fulfill his orders from his Illuminati masters.