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Commenting article: Bulgarians - Pining for Socialism and Ivan Slavkov

- Comrade Slavkov, do you remember the times when we worked together at the Bulgarian National Television?

- You were the ones who worked, I was the director!


Tetris - 15 May 2011 // 03:53:39

What whitewash! Slavkov was one of the most corrupted figures in Bulgaria's post-war history. He should have died in prison.

Pining for Socialism! Why, because those fatnecks created an industrial house of cards, borrowed billions and then when the whole thing collapsed, left the idiot peasants who supported them to hold the empty bag and reminisce about the good old times?

Very charming, indeed.

ankle - 15 May 2011 // 09:04:05


You are right with all you say but this is the type of man the Bulgarians idolize and call heroes… he couldn’t lay straight in bed !!