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Commenting article: Bulgarian Property Market Expected to Revive in 2014

The Bulgarian housing market activity is expected to increase in 2014.

Prices will vary depending on the quality of the property.

The major market driver will be buyers with stable income and cash savings, according to the prognosis of the Bulgarian real estate agency Adres.

Ruth Doyle - 23 Aug 2014 // 02:25:13

I own a house in the South varna in priobj,'(m probably spelling this wrong) it is completely refurbished, I've been told the house prices are dropping.Can you advise me should I hang onto it to see if the property will rise in value? If I can sell it now I stand to lose a lot of money.

rpzx10 - 23 Aug 2014 // 03:43:05

Hi Ruth nice to hear from you .
This is not a easy question .
But as it is, since 1999 over 68% of house and land sales in Bulgaria have been generated by British and Irish Investors . Other Europeans , Russians and Bulgarians making up less than 32% .
You have to look at what is going on those country's .
It is in the interest of Address to come out with propaganda that will try to get sales .
If you think Britain and Ireland is doing well then keep hold of the property .
If you think that Britain and Ireland are going downhill than take your loss .
Hope that helps .