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Commenting article: EC: Farmers Not to Expect Instant Compensation for Russian Import Ban

The European Commission has warned that farmers injured by Russia's restrictive measures are not to expect immediate compensations.

The scope of the restrictive measures, as well as their potential effect, are still being estimated and a product-by-product evaluation of the alternative items on other markets is being made, according to reports of the Bulgarian National Radio, citing Roger Waite, EU spokesman for Agriculture and Rural Development.

Waite explained that an expert-level discussion on the matter would be held on Thursday with representatives of the EU Member States, adding that a fuller picture of the situation was to be available by then, while the issue of potential compensations would take more time.

Optimistic - 11 Aug 2014 // 20:54:03

The EU and US make a land grab on the Ukraine, they make up reasons to apply sanctions to Russia and Russia of course reponds.

The EU and US should pay compensation to the millions of small farmers in the EU that will suffer from the agressive economic force being used by the EU and US.

viking - 11 Aug 2014 // 23:36:28

"The EU and US make a land grab on the Ukraine"
You nuts?
I do not know about the EU but the US has not grabbed any land since it took it from the Indians (The whole USA) and Mexicans (Calif and Texas) and that was many years ago.
Did BUY Alaska at a really good price from some idiots: Oh, Yes it was the Russians at 17 cents an acre

Optimistic - 12 Aug 2014 // 14:52:53


The US invaded Iraq, they used a weapons of mass destruction lie to justify what they did and they secured the oil and put a US friendly government in place.

They are now bombing Iraq again to prop up their government there.

The US financed the election of Poroshenko in the Ukraine and Poroshenko has delivered the Ukraine to the EU through trade agreements.

The Ukraine has huge gas reserves in East Ukraine that can be accessed through fracking hence the US support for Poroshenkos murder campaign in East Ukraine.

viking - 12 Aug 2014 // 16:58:23

Neither example is a "land grab"
Friendly Government and business? That is the way of the world and has been for thousands of years.
The United States has been in many conflicts (and I think one is too many) but never stayed and taken over another country.
Land grab is what the Ottomans did in Bulgaria and Serbia
You would have to look at the Russia for the latest example of a true land grab.

Funding a bad Government is not in any an example of taking over a country.

Warfou2 - 12 Aug 2014 // 18:34:27

Land grabs are useless in these time, economic grabs have proven to be much more rewarding.

Crimea is an exception because it was Russian territory and is important for their defence.
Notice the word defence and compare with aggressive assaults worldwide sponsored by...

viking - 12 Aug 2014 // 20:39:09

"Crimea is an exception because it was Russian territory and is important for their defence"

That is really Bull Crap! Crimea is no more Russian than Bulgaria belongs to Turkey.
I would say if you go back far enough that all of Moscow and western Russia belongs to the original Rus from Kiev.

Defense? It is just ecomomics plain and simple.
Russia wanted the ports in Crimea (They did build them) and it has nothing to do with defense. The Russians could just build another facility in Sochi or Novorossiysk but it was cheaper to just "GRAB" Crimea
Next they will decide to "protect" the Russians living in Varna and take that back. It was part of Russia under Peter the Great (I think)

Warfou2 - 12 Aug 2014 // 22:07:44

So in history Crimea is not always the most important place in that region when there were wars?


Optimistic - 12 Aug 2014 // 23:28:36

Vinking as you point out all of Ukraine belongs to Russia Moscow and Kiev together go back a long way.

The former Ukrainian president wouldnt sign a deal to integrate the Ukraine into the EU and violent protests developed against him and these violent protests were supported by the US and EU.

Now Kiev funded by the US is murdering civilians in Eastern Ukraine and the world is silent.

viking - 12 Aug 2014 // 23:51:54

"all of Ukraine belongs to Russia Moscow and Kiev together go back a long way"

NO! All of Russia belongs to Kiev (The capital of Russia in the 10th to 12th centuries)

Russians should be required to speak Ukrainian from when they controlled Kiev.

My point is that no part of Ukraine belongs to anyone because of "History"

U Kraina - 13 Aug 2014 // 01:24:04

U Kraina: means at the edge. At the edge of what? Russia?
The territory of Ukraine has been inhabited for at least 44,000 years. Prehistoric Ukraine as part of the Pontic steppe has been an important factor in Eurasian cultural contact, including the spread of the Chalcolithic, the Bronze Age, Indo-European expansion and the domestication of the horse.[1][2][3]

Part of Scythia in antiquity and settled by Getae, in the migration period, Ukraine is also the site of early Slavic expansion, and enters history proper with the establishment of the medieval state of Kyivan Rus, which emerged as a powerful nation in the Middle Ages but disintegrated in the 12th century. By the middle of the 14th century, present Ukrainian territories were under the rule of three external powers: the Golden Horde, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and the Kingdom of Poland, during the 15th century these lands came under the rule of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (since 1569), and Crimean Khanate.[4] After a 1653 rebellion against dominantly Polish Catholic rule, an assembly of the people (rada) agreed to the Treaty of Pereyaslav in January 1654. Soon, the southeastern portion of the Polish-Lithuanian empire east of the Dnieper River came under Russian rule, for centuries.[5] After the Partitions of Poland (1772–1795) and conquest of Crimean Khanate, Ukraine was divided between the Tsardom of Russia and Habsburg Austria.

U Kraina II - 13 Aug 2014 // 01:27:52

A chaotic period of warfare ensued after the Russian Revolution. The internationally recognized Ukrainian People's Republic emerged from its own civil war. The Ukrainian–Soviet War followed, in which the Red Army established control in late 1919.[6] The conquerors created the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which on 30 December 1922 became one of the founding republics of the Soviet Union. Initial Soviet policy on Ukrainian language and Ukrainian culture made Ukrainian the official language of administration and schools. Policy in the 1930s turned to russification. In 1932 and 1933, millions of people, mostly peasants, in Ukraine starved to death in a politically induced famine (Holodomor) due to the "liquidation of the Kulak class". It is estimated that 6 to 8 million people died from hunger in the Soviet Union during this period, of whom 4 to 5 million were Ukrainians.[7] Nikita Khrushchev was the head of the Ukrainian Communist Party in 1935.

After the 1939 invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, the Ukrainian SSR's territory was enlarged westward. Ukraine was occupied by Nazi Germany from 1941 to 1944. During World War II the Ukrainian Insurgent Army fought for Ukrainian independence against both Germany and the Soviet Union. In 1945, the Ukrainian SSR became one of the founding members of the United Nations.[8] After Stalin's death, as head of the Communist Party of Soviet Union, Khrushchev enabled a Ukrainian revival. Nevertheless, there were further political repressions against poets, historians and other intellectuals, like in all other parts of the USSR. In 1954, the republic expanded to the south with the transfer of the Crimea. This was an ILLEGAL transfer by Nikita Khrushchev.

U Kraina III - 13 Aug 2014 // 01:28:28

On February 19, 1954 the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union issued a decree transferring the Crimean Oblast from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian SSR. According to the Soviet Constitution (article 18), the borders of a republic within the Soviet Union could not be re-drawn without the agreement of the republic in question. The transfer was approved by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union; however, according to article 33 of the constitution, the Presidium did not have the authority to do so. The constitutional change (articles 22 and 23) to accommodate the transfer was made several days after the decree issued by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet.[1][2]

U Kraina IV - 13 Aug 2014 // 01:39:36

Given all these facts, Crimea returned to Russia, as per the will of the people, just like East Germany joined West Germany. This was not an anexation, or "land grab" as the IGNORANTS claim!

sa-sha - 13 Aug 2014 // 11:48:04

Sorry to interfere, Vik, but: Crimea was a part of Russia since 1791...and if the absolute majority of Crimeans
clearly expressed now, in 2014, their will to be back to Russia, then do accept it quietly, please. It is not Yours
but the Crimea people' choice. "My point" is that it's up to people to decide whom "to belong to".......
/ Btw, aren't You in a current that Mr.Khruschev merely "presented" Crimea, in 1954, to Ukraine? Yes, he took
this Candy from Russia, RSFSR at those times, and presented it - with all due spitting on all existing in the USSR
of those times laws, as well as on the opinion of Crimeans themselves, sure - to UkrainianSSR. /
Now Crimea is again a part of Russia. Crimeans are happy. Crimea escaped the fate of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, where civilians are exterminated, right now, by Killer Poroshenko, a sure friend of USA.

Optimistic - 13 Aug 2014 // 17:08:03

U Krania your point is well made, the transfer of the Crimea to the Ukraine was illegal and unconstitutional so the Crimea has always being legally part of Russia.

Great point, thanks Comrade.

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