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Commenting article: Spaniards Call for Monarchy Referendum

Thousands of Spaniards gathered in the capital Madrid to call for a referendum on the future of the monarchy.

In total, more than 60 rallies were staged across the country, shortly after King Juan Carlos, who had ruled since 1975, announced his decision to abdicate. Demonstrators waved republican flags and shouted slogans against the monarchy.

Although the King was a popular figure among the majority of Spaniards, recent corruption scandals in the royal family, as well as the ongoing economic crisis have shifted public opinion. Many people now see the monarchy simply as an excess cost amidst high unemployment.

mavro from australia - 4 Jun 2014 // 23:04:18

What do those people want? An all powerful prime minister or a Presidential free loader.
Why are people obsessed with fixing things that are not broken?