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Commenting article: EU Sends US Ultimatum to Lift Visas for Bulgarians

Nickos - 6 Feb 2014 // 21:57:27

Finally, the EU making something useful for Bulgaria rather than never-ending criticism. However...the Americans won't do it. They're convinced (delusional...) that they are the greatest thing ever to happen on this planet and as a result have probably put the email of the EU in "spam".

yank - 14 Feb 2014 // 21:19:38

as a yankee, I hope you guys get it.

Bulgarian01 - 15 Feb 2014 // 18:39:12

The EU has dubble standarts for its citizens, depending on where in Eu they are born.The politics of Briuxel are addressed for the '"old"'members and nobody ceares about the others.Bulgaria is a 1400 years old country and exists before Greece,Italy,Germany,Frace,Belgum ec. infact it is the oldest Europian contry.The fact that the 'great forces"'decided to put us in the communist part of Europe by the Berlin wall dos not make us in any way second hand.

Seedy - 15 Feb 2014 // 21:39:15

Stop whinging, BG01 - and stop making "historical facts" up, sound like one of those mad Macedonkeys!

Alexander2 - 15 Aug 2014 // 02:06:43

So, what happened?

Seedy - 15 Aug 2014 // 07:54:03

What happened? Bugger all happened, that's what....