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Commenting article: Bulgarian Nationalist MPs Storm TV Channel, Intimidate Guests

MPs from the nationalist Ataka party invaded the private TV station Nova during an evening discussion bloc on Wednesday and threatened guests of the show.

Five Parliament deputies from Ataka, not including their leader Volen Siderov, stormed the building of Nova TV, while the "Hour of Milen Tsvetkov" program was airing.

They were angered by the fact that 2 of the program's guests, who also organized Wednesday's protest against Volen Siderov, were wearing comic masks depicting the nationalist's face. Some of the intruders verbally threatened the organizers of the protest.

mattbg - 9 Jan 2014 // 10:11:47

i hope these protestors will be prosecuted and locked up. this is not peaceful protesting on the street, this is vandalism and aggression.

peterperfect - 9 Jan 2014 // 10:25:48

Like leader,like followers. Siderov should control himself, he is a grown man and comes from a civilised country so why act like a lout and bring himself and his party into disrepute? He should set an example or he will be the leader of a party with similar trends to Hitlers Nazi party, this incident proves that point. Although the party members would feel affronted by the TV guests apparel they should have acted with decorum when confronting the camera's.

Sobieski - 9 Jan 2014 // 11:27:43

Siderov is a hero!!!

Ataka, are telling the truth about muslims, and we must support them in stopping the bogus phoney muslim asylum terroists who are invading europe through bulgaria.

The eu must and will be soon abolished, the eu is the eussr! A traitors collective of marxists and neo nazi left wing enabelers.

Read the book. Eussr by vladimir bukovsky!!

Stop the islamisation of europe, and abolish the eussr!!!

Islam = nazis


sa-sha - 9 Jan 2014 // 12:12:56

"vandalism and aggression" which are not "peaceful protest".....;-) It allows me to define precisely the events in
Kiev, where "PEaceful DEmonstratoRS"("Peders") provoqued/attacked police and occupied by force the Kiev's City Hall: not "peaceful protest", but Peders' vandalism and aggression at their purest! Still World Media(WC)
stubbornly insist just on "peaceful protest"...My Lord, I'm in a quandary: if to accept WC logic, then Parliament deputies from Ataka have demonstrated nothing else but "peaceful protest" ;-)

Seedy - 9 Jan 2014 // 15:06:22

It's easy, Slushy....I'm surprised it hasn't penetrated even YOUR brainwashed head:

In Putin's World, peaceful protest=Gulag, any other kind of protest=beating/torture/murder

Now please try to pay attention at the back!

sa-sha - 9 Jan 2014 // 16:42:27

"brainwashed head", I like it , a useful affix to the other synonyms and definitions of "seedy": /dirty or in bad condition/ not respectable or decent/having bad morals/retarded/sick/unwell/.....;-).... No wonder that such personage presents a fresh portion of the infinite stupidity beginning from "In Putin's World, peaceful protest="
No facts, no proves, no logic and irrelevant in addition. The personage "seedy" honestly keep faith with the
above definitions and it can't be helped. Well, let's FAITH be a key word here. To the Faith, toast! ;-)

sa-sha - 9 Jan 2014 // 16:59:08 proof...

Seedy - 9 Jan 2014 // 17:32:23

Proof? How about just one word - "Politkovskaya"? Oh sorry, I forgot: that was either suicide or an act of the Martians....

TalkingTosh - 10 Jan 2014 // 10:09:34

your understanding of politics denotes you as a simpleton, like Siderov. I guess a fascist like him can only attract cretins as supporters.

sa-sha - 10 Jan 2014 // 11:38:00

“just one word - "Politkovskaya"?”---oh, yes, this is a word! ;-).....and there is another "one word": "Litvinenko"
and the third "one word": "Berezovsky", which ensured the dissolution of the two previous "words". Interesting
idea, eh? But for the modern West this idea is the same that "Earth is round" idea was for Dark Age Europe:
HERESY! "Earth is Plain" and "Putin is Killer", these two axiomes unite the best peoples of Past and Present!
To the Great Link of Times! Toast.