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Commenting article: 'Appaling' Sofia Refugee Shelters Overhauled before Opening

The refugee shelters in the Bulgarian capital Sofia in the Voenna Rampa and Vrazhdebna districts, where conditions are reported as deplorable, have been actually recently repaired.

An investigation of Sega daily showed that repairs in the amount of BGN 565 000, slated by the Council of Ministries, have been done by contractor Geya-DEK at the end of September.

The work has been assigned to the company without a public tender on grounds of urgent need.

Seedy - 16 Oct 2013 // 16:31:45

Great - let's make them nice and comfy, that will DEFINITELY make sure that they stop sneaking over the border in droves.....

caliguy - 16 Oct 2013 // 18:46:12

Sneaking over the border..... thats funny, good one.

Seedy - 17 Oct 2013 // 21:56:15

Good news for Yordanka - it seems she can solve two problems at once...... ;)