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Commenting article: Bulgarian Govt OKs Controversial Reshuffles

Bulgaria's Socialist-led government of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski voted and approved Wednesday the latest wave of dismissals and new appointments.

A female, Vanya Stefanova, was appointed Deputy Director of the State Agency for National Security, DANS. She has a legal degree from Sofia University and a long career as prosecutor, including in investigations of EU funds embezzlement. Since 2010, she was prosecutor with the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office. Stefanova was part of the team probing the notorious case with the fake ballots for the general elections in May. She has a number of awards for her professional accomplishments.

As expected, Martin Ivanov was released from the post of Chair of the State Agency Archives and was replaced by Ivan Komitski.

Tania Oz - 28 Aug 2013 // 16:34:50

"Bulgarian Govt OKs Controversial Reshuffles"

Well of course they did. No surprises there. Everything they have done since being "elected" has been controversial. They are shameless. The lying, thieving, greedy maggots.