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Commenting article: Kosovo, Macedonia Ink Culture Agreement

Kosovo and Macedonia have signed an agreement for cooperation in the field of culture.

The deal was reached at a meeting between Kosovo Vice-PM Edita Tahiri and Macedonian Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska Mileska.

Kosovo Vice-PM Tahiri has stressed the importance of cultural cooperation between the two neighbors, reports KS Reporter.

bogomil - 9 Feb 2013 // 21:44:54

As the southern province of Serbia, perhaps Kosovo could in theory sign a harmless cultural agreement with anybody..
The majority of the world's countries do not recognize an independent Kosovo, however, so as a Country, it has no authority to sign anything, without the consent of Belgrade..

Yane - 10 Feb 2013 // 10:59:32

Only culture in kosovO is under attack by its terrorist heroin mafia, what do they have to share besides showing how to burn down a church or throwing hand-grenades at Serb children?

Polis - 11 Feb 2013 // 15:26:16

Oh, if this is so, I believe this is a good sign for Serbian south province (meaning that soon we are to expect signing of agreement between Macedonia and Serbian northern province of Vojvodina????) ...or , wait?
According to Int'l relations scholars only states can sign bilateral agreements between two countries.
If you deny the statehood of Kosovo, why on earth you should't do the same for FYRoM????
Serbian illusions and myth mania are the main regressive factors currently in he Balkans.