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Commenting article: Bulgaria's Bansko Will Face Unemployment without Urgent Development - Minister

Delyan Dobrev, Minister of Economy, Energy, and Tourism, has said that the mountain resort of Bansko has reached its full capacity against the backdrop of increasing numbers of tourists.

Dobrev attended Friday a round table discussion titled "Bansko Ski Zone – Challenges and Development."

Bulgaria's Economy and Energy Minister argued that Bansko required urgent steps to develop as a global ski destination.

dianneh - 9 Feb 2013 // 15:01:36

Oh God, the Barmy Bansko Brigade have arrived

peterperfect - 10 Feb 2013 // 09:31:37

I go to Bansko every Feb (about this time) which is right in the middle of the ski season. I have never seen the place full, there are plenty of empty apartments etc and offers on accommodation are always around, a sure sign that there is difficulty in bookings. Maybe Christmas/new year it is different but not a reason to assume more beds need to be accommodated. Scaremongering so developers can start building again, that is behind this article.