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Commenting article: Bulgaria to Reduce Poverty, Boost Social Inclusion by 2020

The number of Bulgarians living in poverty is to drop by 260 000 by 2020, according to a national strategy adopted by the government on Wednesday.

Bulgaria's National Strategy for Reducing Poverty and Promoting Social Inclusion 2020 aims to improve the quality of life of vulnerable groups in society and create conditions for their full-fledged realization, according to the press office of the government.

The 2020 Strategy will be implemented through 2-year action plans setting out concrete measures and activities, which will be adopted by the government.

mattbg - 6 Feb 2013 // 18:32:35

are those 260,000 moving to Germany, or the UK?

BULERICAN - 6 Feb 2013 // 23:11:31

Both, and some will pass away as well.