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Commenting article: Bulgaria FM Pledges for W Balkans EU Integration in Munich

Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikolay Mladenov has held a string of bilateral meetings at the sides of the 49th Munich Security Conference he is taking part in Saturday.

In particular, Mladenov met his counterparts from Macedonia and Kosovo - Nikola Poposki and Enver Hoxhaj - as well as Montenegro's PM Milo Djukanovic.

The Balkan leaders discussed the situation in the region, including the processes of EU integration of countries from the Western Balkans.

sa-sha - 2 Feb 2013 // 19:35:29

in Munish? The first comes to mind: "Munish Agreement, 1938".......
Saturday evening, I'm drunk, sure, but: "Mladenov met his counterparts from...Kosovo -...Enver Hoxhaj". VIVAT! Black is not
Black but White! Thouggh I doubt it. Do You have 10 minutes, people: